Protesting Students Go Insane As Bernie Sanders Appears Ready To Join Them (VIDEO)


A surprising rock star appeared to support our kids, as students across the country walked out of their schools. They were protesting Congress’ and Donald Trump’s failure to make schools safe from gun violence for them. When they saw one of their biggest supporters, the young people rushed over to him.They wanted to take selfies with and talk to one of the country’s oldest protesters, at age 76, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Megaphone in hand, he spoke to the throng of students in Washington, D.C. on their #National Walkout Day to protest gun violence.

The senator stood outside of the Capitol and praised the students for taking on the National Rifle Association (NRA) and:

‘Leading the nation in the right direction.’

Sanders has been protesting good causes ever since he was a young man, so he understands what they are doing. He was speaking to their passion:

‘We are very proud of what you are doing. You, the young people of this country, are leading the nation.’

The students screamed back, “Bernie! Bernie!” and “We love you so much!,” The Cut reported.

Earlier, the senator appeared on the Congressional record and thanked the “young people” who “have the courage” to “lead us forward:”

‘Thank you to the young people throughout this country who are walking out today and who have the courage to do what the United States Congress is not doing: lead us forward to stop the slaughter that we have seen from coast to coast due to gun violence.’

Many of the young protesters were not even born when the Columbine, CO shooting occurred in 1999, where 15 students died and 24 more were shot and injured in the crush.

Bernie continued speaking to the crowd of students, telling them that they were “leading the nation:”

‘Sen. Bernie Sanders addresses crowd through a megaphone: “You, the young people of this country, are leading the nation.”‘

The students were protesting and memorializing the one-month anniversary of a mass shooting. A gunman walked into the Marjory Stoneman Douglas carrying an AR-15, which is a weapon of war and slaughtered 14 students and three faculty and wounded another 21 kids.

The Vermont Senator continued speaking to the crowd:

‘All across the country, people are sick and tired of gun violence, and the time is now for all of us together to stand up to the NRA and to pass commonsense gun legislation.’

Since the mass shooting at the Florida high school, students across the nation have spoken intelligently to the press, called on their state and federal representatives and senators, been arrested, and even met with Donald Trump in the White House.

Survivors of the Florida shooting and students throughout the country have planned a March for Our Lives. It will be held in Washington, D.C. and other cities on March 24.

Featured Image via Getty Images/Bryan Bedder.