Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Drops Criminal Trump Supporter Bombshell On MSNBC (VIDEO)


No matter how much President Trump tries to distract the American people with firings, outrageous tweets, and proposed meetings with Kim Jong-un that the White House suddenly stopped talking about immediately after the story broke, Stormy Daniels is not going away.

It hasn’t been just the efforts to distract the public and the media, however. Trump and his people are so desperate to make the story go away that there have threats of physical violence to the adult film star who was once Donald Trump’s mistress. Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Stephanie Clifford’s (aka Stormy Daniels) lawyer confirmed that his client had been threatened in disturbing ways to keep her silent.

Asked by Mike Brzezinski about the threats, attorney Michael Avenatti said the full story would come out on March 25 when his client appears on 60 Minutes. The Daily Beast reports:

‘He refused to answer whether or not Trump was personally behind the alleged threats, or whether it was a physical or verbal threat. Avenatti promised the special interview will contain explosive details of his client’s alleged affair with the president and the subsequent attempts to keep it quiet.’

Avenatti dropped another bombshell on Thursday night, when he appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 to say that his client’s story is not an isolated occurence.

‘As of tonight, we’ve been approached by six separate women with similar stories to my client. I want to stress that we have not vetted these stories to a great degree, however the initial consultation, the initial information that we’re receiving indicate that there are some striking similarities between their stories and that of my client, Miss Clifford.’

A president cheating on his wife and covering up the affair is not an unusual story, as President Clinton and President John F. Kennedy could attest. Directing attorneys to make grave threats against a former mistress, if Trump and his attorneys are behind the threats and Clifford can provide proof of this, is a first to be known by the public.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube