Fox Host Has Psychotic Racist Meltdown LIVE On-Air After MLK’s Granddaughter Speaks


Fox & Friends Weekend featured a conversation on Sunday morning about the millions of marchers in Washington D.C. and around the globe and their calls for common sense gun law reform that exemplified everything wrong with the “news” network’s one-sided stance on the debate.

In the snowflake meltdown of the century, the Sunday hosts complained that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was being “mocked for his faith” by the marchers demanding that money from the NRA not be prioritized over the lives and safety of young people. It wasn’t his faith that was being mocked, it was the hypocrisy of claiming a religion that guides his feelings on “the sanctity of life” while refusing to back gun reform laws that protect the lives of children because of the fear of losing financial backing from the NRA.

2018-03-25-10_01_03-1-Pete-Hegseth-retaliates-against-March-for-Our-Lives-by-donating-to-NRA-You Fox Host Has Psychotic Racist Meltdown LIVE On-Air After MLK's Granddaughter Speaks Domestic Policy Featured Gun Control Politics Top Stories Videos

Host Abby Huntsman actually argued the exact stance of the marchers by saying, “The only people that are killing children and people are these deranged individuals that get their hands on these guns that are mentally ill.” That is precisely what the march was about, keeping guns out of the hands of deranged individuals who want to kill people, but somehow this argument is lost on the Fox News sycophants who continue to insist that common sense gun law reform is about taking everyone’s guns away.

In a moment of pure meltdown panic, host Pete Hegseth went on a rant worthy of the Snowflake of the Year Award.

‘I feel for these kids. They have a right to speak out and they should. But forgive me if I don’t want a lesson on the Second Amendment from a 16 year old. Forgive me if I don’t want to watch a 9 year old tell me that her dream is a world without guns.’

Hegseth “feels” for the kids, agrees that they should speak, but he doesn’t care to listen to anything they say and thinks they shouldn’t say it. Then he defended his Second Amendment constitutional rights by wishing for an end to First Amendment rights to freedom of religion for people who look more like the granddaughter of Martin Luther King, Jr. than his children.

‘I want a world without Islamists! I wish that was true too. It’s just not the case. The reality is the Second Amendment is not about hunting. It’s not about self defense only. It’s about free people and checks on a tyrannical government in addition to all those other things. They shouldn’t be giving me lessons on the Second Amendment. They should be in civics class… I watched that and you know what my reaction was? Honestly? I donated to the NRA this morning.’

Hegseth needs his Second Amendment rights, but people of Islamic faith (there is no such thing as “Islamists”) should have their rights taken away because they adhere to a religion that disagrees with his own. He and his co-hosts ranted that good, law-abiding people are being unfairly targeted in a conversation about gun violence and then unfairly targeted everyone in a religion of 1.6 billion people, most of whom are black and brown, by insisting that they are all responsible for terrorism.

When even Huntsman seemed exasperated by Hegseth’s comments, he continued:

‘I’m serious! We live in a free country where we have a debate about first principles and, to me, that’s one of those first principles, the First Amendment, the right to march and be heard. But just like my right to defend myself and my family and my country with the firearm more or less of my choice.’

The same free country that allows for the First Amendment with limits allows for the Second Amendment, but with limits. No American has the right to weapons “more or less of [their] choice.” Some weapons are legal and some are not. Some people are allowed access to legalized weaponry and some are not. That is the way that freedom works.

For the full segment, see video below:

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