Trump Just Admitted On Camera That He Will Lie If Kim Jong Un Deal Goes Bad (VIDEO)


Fox News, Trump’s supporters, and even some mainstream media pundits are already praising the success of the North Korea summit between the American president and Kim Jong un. Although no clear terms were written out on which the two agreed and only some vague talk about an eventual plan for denuclearization was mentioned, there are those who already believe this meeting was beneficial and a great idea.

Trump told reporters, however, that it’s possible that none of this was a good idea, but that he’ll never admit it if it wasn’t.

‘I may be wrong and stand before you in six months and say, “Hey I was wrong.” I don’t think I’ll ever admit that, but I’ll find some kind of excuse.’

The two signed an agreement that saw the U.S. conceding much but receiving little in return. The North Korean dictator signed terms saying that he would begin a process of denuclearization with no timeline, no terms, and no agreement to allow for verification that North Korea is keeping its promises. Since Trump and Kim Jong un met privately for 45 minutes without recorders, foreign policy experts, or the press present, there is no way that the American people can know what was really said or verbally agreed to by these two men.

Trump, therefore, cannot be held accountable for any concessions or promises he made on behalf of the American people. He has publicly excoriated President Obama for the terms of the Iran nuclear deal and his rabid fan base agrees with the criticism, but that’s only because they know what was in that deal and believes what they’ve been told has and has not occurred as a result of it. We will never be able to say the same about this particular agreement, but the American people will also never know if any promises were kept, and the president sure won’t tell us.

Featured image via Getty/Win McNamee