Robert Mueller Makes Power Move & Seizes Multiple Electronic Devices; Trump Rages


In the ongoing investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into the alleged collusion between the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign and Russian government operatives, even those whose roles were not publicly visible have proven to be questionable. Erik Prince, for instance, was not a campaign manager or public spokesperson, but meetings he conducted with foreign government officials have raised suspicions due to the dishonesty shown by those campaign members when questioned.

Prince came under fire for the meetings he attended and about which he was discovered to have lied. The Seychelles meeting he swore was unplanned turned out to have been coordinated well ahead of time, and the communications he had with the government officials he met there have now all been seized by the Mueller investigative team.

‘ABC News has since learned that Mueller is also reviewing Prince’s communications. In response to questions from ABC News, a spokesperson for Prince released a statement noting that Prince has provided Mueller with “total access to his phone and computer.”’

Prince downplayed the significance of the seized communications but acknowledged that Mueller’s investigation is important and shouldn’t be disrupted.

‘As Mr. Prince told the Daily Beast he has spoken voluntarily with Congress and also cooperated completely with the Special Counsel’s investigation, including by providing them total access to his phones and computer. Mr. Prince has a lot of opinions about the various investigations, but there is no question that they are important and serious, and so Mr. Prince will keep his opinions to himself for now and to let the investigators do their work. All we will add is that much of the reporting and speculation about Mr. Prince in the media is inaccurate, and we are confident that when the investigators have finished their work, we will be able to put these distractions to the side.’

While Prince is not a public figure who was well-known as a member of the Trump campaign, although his sister, Department of Education Secretary Betsy Devos, is now recognizable within the Trump administration.

Featured image via Getty/Alex Wong