Racist White Man Berates Mexican Victim During Road-Rage Incident Caught On Camera


The continued claims from the Trump administration that Donald Trump has done and is doing something supposedly wonderful for the United States are drowned out by the fact that the president repeatedly targets minorities with his rhetoric and actions. He has brought racism into the White House — but he didn’t do it alone.

Across the country, expressions of virulent Trump-ian racism pop up time and time again, and now a video has emerged of a man in Fresno, California, losing his cool big time and threatening to “ship” a man with an immigrant background out of the country because of some apparent minor traffic mishap.

While holding his phone to his head and supposedly trying to get police on the scene, the man in the video says:

‘I ought to ship your fucking ass back home wherever you’re from… Oh, fuck you, you ain’t no American man, fucking beaner motherfucker.’

Into the phone he was holding to his face, the man then said, as if to try and identify the man filming:

‘It’s a stupid fucking Mexican out here; they don’t know how to drive anyway.’

In the background of the video, two vehicles can be seen possibly touching, but there’s certainly no sort of grandiose, possibly life threatening calamity unfolding. The man losing his mind in the video is just that unable to deal with something simple — which is certainly reminiscent of the president himself.

Check it out below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video