Trump Just Told Our Russian Enemies That His Aides Are ‘Stupid People’ On The Phone


Who and/or what is Donald Trump loyal to? You’d hope that a clear answer to that question wouldn’t be so elusive since the lives and well beings of millions upon millions of people hinge on his decisions, but it is.

Incessantly and bafflingly, he insists on kowtowing before Russian President Vladimir Putin as if he’s a respectable world leader when in fact, he is a modern day dictator.

Now, The New York Times is reporting on another example of this, sharing that while on the phone with Putin earlier this year, Trump called some of his aides “stupid people.”

Think about the situation of a president of the United States complaining to a dictatorial foreign leader about how “stupid” some of his aides are.

The context for that remark from Trump is Putin having reportedly himself disparaged aides to the U.S. president who had sought to keep the phone conversation between the two world leaders from happening. The phone conversation in question is the one when Trump, despite having been strongly admonished by aides to do no such thing, congratulated Putin for coming out on top in the then-recent Russian elections. Those elections — unlike the 2016 elections in the United States, no matter what Trump says — were plagued by issues interfering with the integrity of the outcome.

Trump, though, doesn’t seem to have cared. Soon, on July 16, Trump will take that nonchalant attitude when addressing serious Putin related issues to a one-on-one summit with the world leader himself, which will take place in Finland after Trump attends a routine NATO summit.

Featured Image via Mikhail Metzel\TASS via Getty Images