Trump Tweets Video Of Most Humiliating NATO Press Conference Ever; America Disgraced


Even when Donald Trump is losing, he believes he’s winning. Taking credit for accomplishments he didn’t make, lying to cover his own mistakes, blatantly twisting basic facts into outrageous lies, all of these are just part of Trump’s everyday agenda and his supporters love it and buy into every word.

In a stunning display of ignorance and gaslighting, Trump stood in front of a foreign press pool and pushed some of the same lies he’s already been fact-checked on repeatedly and then made up a few more. He told reporters once again that he’s the only Republican candidate to have won Wisconsin since Dwight D. Eisenhower (Ronald Reagan won Wisconsin in both 1980 and 1984). He insisted that he was successful in his demands for NATO countries to increase their defense spending to four percent, an amount even the United States hasn’t reached (French President Emmanuel Macron debunked that claim immediately after Trump’s press conference). He told reporters that the U.S. pays about 90 percent of all NATO funding (it’s closer to 20 percent).

He also dismissed questions about his upcoming talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin by saying he planned to ask him the press’s “favorite question” about whether or not he interfered but said that Putin would probably deny it and “what can you do?” There is no question. It’s widely agreed, even among Trump’s own administration, that it happened. The question now is whether or not Trump has made any plans to prevent it from happening again.

Twitter was also stunned by the number of lies Trump told in his brief press conference. See some of their responses below:

Featured image via Getty/Jasper Julnen