Avenatti & Nunberg Just Shredded Rudy Giuliani On MSNBC Like The Failure He Is (VIDEO)


This week, the ongoing saga of uncovered lies from the Trump team continued to unfold. The New York Times and other outlets revealed further evidence of the U.S. president having been in on lawyer Michael Cohen’s efforts to quiet the stories of women with whom he had affairs.

Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani attempted to claim the tape of a conversation about buying up Karen McDougal’s story as exonerating for the president, and Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti and former Trump campaign staffer Sam Nunberg were both taken aback at that attempted defense. They shared how dumbfounded they were during an appearance on MSNBC’s AM Joy.

After host Joy Reid asked him what he thought about Giuliani’s comments about the tape, Avenatti said:

‘I thought they were dumb, quite honestly… I continue to be perplexed by exactly what Rudy Giuliani is doing. You know, he used to be a great lawyer. He used to be a good spokesperson. I think he’s been nothing but a walking disaster for the president and for their legal approach to this. I don’t understand why he would say that. There’s no way this tape is exclupatory, meaning provides evidence of Mr. Trump’s innocence. That’s a ridiculous assertion.’

Giuliani had claimed the tape to prove Trump innocent because — in his view — it seemed from listening that he had no prior knowledge of efforts to buy up McDougal’s story of an affair with him. His rosy take on the tape lends credibility to the idea that it was his side and not Cohen’s that leaked information about it in the first place — and that take has former Trump staffer Sam Nunberg dumbfounded and ready to give up on the former New York City mayor.

He told Reid:

‘As opposed to many others, I said from the very beginning that I thought Rudy was doing a great job. This could be a big mistake.’

The mistake could encapsulate both Nunberg’s original feelings about Giuliani and any leaks of information about “Trump tapes” from the Trump legal team.

Nunberg added, when asked, that mistreating Michael Cohen certainly “could be” Donald Trump’s biggest regret.

Check out a video of his and Avenatti’s recent appearance on MSNBC below.

Giuliani’s Hail Mary approach to defending the president comes in the face of the looming threat of Michael Cohen flipping and cooperating with prosecutors. He could cooperate with authorities both in the criminal case against him personally and in the Russia investigation. Suggestions that he could soon flip were bolstered when he asserted to ABC’s George Stephanopoulous that his family and country have his first loyalty — not Donald Trump, for whom he worked for years.

Scrutiny of Cohen that could leave Trump vulnerable includes the saga of McDougal’s story and that of Stormy Daniels as well. News of the hush money Cohen paid her covering an affair with Trump was the first piece of information to begin to snowball into the hush money scandal plaguing the Trump administration today that Trump has been caught in lies in connection to time and time again. He claimed to have never even known anything about the payment to Daniels before admitting otherwise after Giuliani revealed he reimbursed Cohen.

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