Conservative Congressional Candidate Calls Melania ‘Hoebag’ In Hilarious Tweet-Rant


With the midterm elections rapidly approaching, more and more repugnant candidates continue to make themselves known in the public spotlight across the United States. One such candidate is right winger Mark Roberts, who is challenging sitting GOP Congressman Greg Walden in the race to represent Oregon’s Congressional District 2. This week on Twitter, Roberts lost it over Melania Trump’s modeling past, referring to her as a “hoebag” and attracting steep criticism.

He wrote:

‘Did you know the First Lady works by the hour? #thinkdirty #hoebag

Roberts left that reply under a tweet from conservative commentator Charlie Kirk noting that Melania maintains a smaller East Wing staff than Michelle Obama did. According to Kirk, Melania has 5 staffers while Michelle Obama had 44.

It’s not clear why exactly that’s so important. Perhaps Kirk intends his original tweet to indicate the Trumps to be reining in the government or something? Who knows. For the record, during her first year in office, Michelle Obama did not have 44 staffers. Estimates of the total have put it no higher than two dozen, POLITICO explains. It’s not clear where Kirk is even getting his numbers for Melania. Late last year, Melania’s communications director Stephanie Grisham said that 9 people were working for the first lady.

That strange convolution isn’t what’s garnering the most attention from Kirk’s Twitter thread, however.

California Republican and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy tagged Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in a response to Roberts, writing:

‘.@jack this attack on @FLOTUS is disgraceful. Comments like these have no business on any platform. This account should be banned ASAP.’

Roberts, for his part, has no problem with what he said. Someone pointed out the legal issues surrounding past false reporting about Melania having engaged in prostitution, to which Roberts replied:

‘I invite that hosebag to sue me.’

He calls himself an “independent candidate for Congress” who is “[f]ocused on replacing dated and ineffective leadership with fresh ideas and a pragmatic common sense approach.’

On his website, Roberts further describes himself in part as follows:

‘It would be fair to say I’m self employed and between opportunities but I do have a regular job. I have some copyrights on inventions, mostly products that could be considered sports supplements but the one that gets the most inquiries is my design for a Turban Hard Hat. If you’re a hard hat manufacturer please buy or license it from me.’

What, does he think that running for Congress is like appearing on Shark Tank?

Elsewhere on his mess of a website, there are rounds and rounds of grammar errors in the like. You’d hope that someone running for Congress would be professional enough to get their website edited but apparently that’s not the case. When in government, typos matter. The Trump administration accused Iran of currently developing nuclear weapons until they fixed a typo in their release.

It’s ironic for Roberts to — among all the other issues he could raise — bring up accusations of the first lady being a prostitute.

Other repugnant Congressional candidates across the country include Virginian Corey Stewart, who has associated with white nationalist causes time and time again and is challenging incumbent Democrat Tim Kaine for a seat in the U.S. Senate. He may be among those of the “out there” candidates with the most name recognition and leverage in an actual Congressional race, but a “blue wave” could certainly keep Kaine in office.

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