GOP Leak Reveals Trump Trying To Use Justice Dept. For Personal Revenge (DETAILS)


U.S. President Donald Trump’s past assertions that he’s a stable genius become more and more disconnected from reality as time goes on. He’s been freaking out for days over a new book from former staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman, and now his rage has reached a new level. According to reporter Gabriel Sherman, relaying the testimony of an unnamed Republican, the president wants to see Omarosa arrested, although it’s unclear for what.

The revelation comes in the face of Unhinged, her new book that paints the president as just what the title suggests. She’s made claims including that he’s been caught on tape using the n-word to disparage blacks and that he knew about emails the Russians stole from the Democrats before they came out.

That latter claim emerged as part of Omarosa’s energetic media tour to support her book. She asserted as much concurrent to revealing that she’s been interviewed by Special Counsel for the Russia investigation Robert Mueller’s team, thus touching on an issue — the persistence of the Russia investigation — that drives the president up the wall. He takes the functioning of the nation’s justice system as a personal insult.

Individuals close to Trump — including, reportedly, the first lady — tried to keep the president away from engaging with Omarosa publicly, but to no avail. On Twitter, he’s called her a “dog” and a “crying lowlife” and sought to discredit her claim that he used the n-word. He claimed:

‘I don’t have that word in my vocabulary, and never have. [Omarsoa] made it up.’

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For the record, she’s been supported in her claims by fellow former contestant on The Apprentice Penn Jillette.

With his continued stream of responses to Omarosa, including the above tweet, he just keeps digging himself a bigger and bigger hole. The new report from Gabriel Sherman indicates the president to take the justice system as his personal attack dog, there to fulfill his every wish and little else.

It’s not the first indication along those lines. He’s lambasted the United States justice system in every way imaginable since taking office. He’s fired the FBI director, claimed the Russia investigation to be a witch hunt, and insulted the attorney general for not bending the course of that investigation — and the justice system as a whole — towards the president’s will.

Just this week, in a Hail Mary effort to publicly distract from Omarosa’s book, the White House revealed that they’d revoked former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance. That move, though, only earned them further rounds of criticism for politicizing the nation’s national security apparatus.

Apparently, though, Trump has no interest in actually considering the positions of any of his dissenters and prefers to stick to his attempted gross politicization of the nation’s justice system. An unnamed former White House official compared the currently unfolding spectacle to that surrounding Trump’s election season attacks on Muslim-American parents who’d lost their son at war, calling it a “death spiral.” No matter how grave the spiral, though, Trump seems undeterred, continuing down the very same path.

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