Racist American Missionary Attacks Ugandan Hotel Clerk In Disgusting ‘N*gger Bitch’ Rant


Ever since Trump began his campaign for the presidency and made it known that he was a racist pig with an agenda against all people of color, ignorant jackholes just like him have been coming out of the woodwork to proudly live their own racist lives for all the world to see.

Earlier today, a disgusting video surfaced of a white American man who calls himself a “missionary” attacking a Ugandan hotel clerk, calling him “n*gger bitch” and punching him over and over again in the face.

As the shocked hotel clerk tried to ward off the attack, the crazed man followed him through the halls of the hotel shouting,

‘Come here! You hate Jesus. You hate yourself! You hate me…’

And he didn’t stop there.

‘You disgrace Jesus. Huh? Talk!’

Meanwhile, another man comes to the clerk’s aide warning him to “watch out” as the man calmly stays silent amid the attack by this lunatic, which was quickly escalating. The so-called “missionary for Jesus” continued his attack shouting, “C’mon bitch! C’mon whore!” and then said:

‘You open my f*cking room, I’ll f*cking kill you!’

The situation gets worse as the man continued to swing at the hotel clerk’s face, even spitting at him as he said that black people “disgrace Jesus” and that he (the hotel clerk) needed to “obey” him, as if he were a slave.

The hotel clerk finally managed to get rid of the guy, but not before he said, “f*ck Uganda,” claiming that it had fallen under the condemnation of the lord.

You can watch the full video below:

Featured image via video screenshot