Trump Refuses To Pay His Respects To War Hero John McCain Before He Dies: report


U.S. President Donald Trump doesn’t concern himself with maintaining allies. Instead, he prefers to kick people out of his circle when he’s done with them — which is exactly what he’s done with Arizona’s GOP U.S. Senator John McCain. The long serving leader and 2008 Republican nominee for president has been battling brain cancer, and his family recently announced that he’s decided to discontinue treatment. According to The Washington Post, though, Trump plans to not release any sort of statement about McCain and his condition while he’s still alive.

Trump’s continuing to dig into his antagonistic positions.

The publication shares:

‘Trump does not want to comment on McCain before he dies, White House officials said, and there was no effort to publish a statement Friday as many politicians released supportive comments on the ailing senator.’

The development comes after years of Trump going after the Senator publicly stretching all the way back to his infamous attempt to degrade McCain’s service in the Vietnam War.

He told a crowd gathered during the early part of the 2016 election season:

‘He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.’

For the record — as has been repeated many times before — Trump got out of military service through means including dubious “bone spurs.”

In the time since, relations between the two men haven’t exactly improved. McCain endorsed Trump as the 2016 general election drew near, but he withdrew his support after the Access Hollywood tape featuring Trump bragging about committing sexual assault surfaced. In his response to the withdrawal, Trump repeated his insistence that the comments were just “locker room talk.”

McCain’s issues with the president extend beyond that. He refused to get behind GOP efforts to ram through a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, insisting on a more balanced legislative process that Republicans refused to get behind. He voted no on one of the latter incarnations of the GOP’s health plan and helped kill it, much to Trump’s dismay.

McCain has, often, voted in line with the White House’s priorities while in Congress — but Donald Trump loves to nurse grudges. We’ve thus now found ourselves at the point where the president of the United States is refusing to comment on the deteriorating condition of a U.S. Senator who’s served the public for decades because of one such grudge.

Behind the scenes, he’s maintained his antagonistic attitude towards McCain through the time that he’s been in office. According to The Post, he’s at times told individuals close to him that he does not regret his 2015 disparagement of the Senator’s military service in Vietnam.

In addition, after a now former communications official in his administration dismissed McCain’s criticism of a Trump nominee because he’s “dying anyway,” Trump was reportedly more angry that someone had leaked the comments to the press than he was that it had ever been made.

Now, as McCain truly does get closer to his end, Trump is sticking to occupying himself with items he finds apparently more important — like whining that his opponents are “dogs” and “crying lowlifes” and “rats.”

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