Trump Spazzes Into Paranoid Rant About Anonymous NY Times Op-Ed; W.H. Crumbling


In case anyone was wondering exactly how Trump would spin the anonymous op-ed declaring him incompetent and a danger to the country, accusations lobbied against him by a senior member of his own administration, that wait is over.

Trump wants his supporters to believe, and most likely believes himself, that he and his incompetence isn’t the problem. Everyone else’s assessment, even the assessment of people he appointed, is wrong. He’s a great president doing a great job and no one, not even Republicans, can handle it. They’re all just jealous.

This is the logic of a grade-schooler, not an adult president of the United States.

However, it seems Trump does still have one supporter in government, it’s just not the U.S. government. A murderous, psychotic despot in North Korea who starves his own people and orders the murders of his own family thinks Trump is awesome. At least, he tells him that he does because he knows flattery excites Trump and that he’ll fall for it.

Once again, Trump is on the side of the dictator over our own government. This is what it’s come down to because those with the power to do something about it would rather keep that power than do what’s right for the country. It isn’t just Trump’s administration, either. It’s Republicans in Congress and in every other position of political power in this country. Party over country is not just an accusation anymore, it’s what we’re living.

Twitter recognized this quickly and let Trump know about it. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license