Trump Embarrassingly Praises Bizarre Conservative Duo In Late Night Tweet (DETAILS)


President Donald Trump continued Saturday night paying close attention to who praises him and who distances themselves from him, as if that is among the most important issues facing the United States and the world at the moment. He offered praise for “Diamond and Silk” on Twitter, the pair of black women who have made a name for themselves with their ardent defense of the Trump agenda.

He wrote:

‘Our Social Media (and beyond) Stars, Diamond and Silk, are terrific people who are doing really well. We are all very proud of them, and their great success!’

At present, the world is facing trade wars, potential further economic breakdowns, rampant racism and discrimination against minorities — and Diamond and Silk are at the forefront of the president of the United States’ mind.

He’s praised them in the past, and on their own time, they’ve clamored on behalf of a cause that the president has recently taken up as near and dear to him — supposed internet “censorship” of conservatives. Faced with the realities of difficult internet marketing, individuals like Diamond and Silk have taken to claiming that web giants like Twitter, Facebook, and Google are biased against conservatives.

The pair were tweeting about it just today, turning a Facebook video that every single one of their followers haven’t seen yet into evidence of what’s essentially a “deep state” in the tech world, scheming against those who dare espouse conservative views.

That deep state doesn’t exist. Supposed internet censorship of conservatives doesn’t exist either. In short, the president has again taken to carousing in his horror house of lies while the rest of the world faces the consequences.

Check out Twitter’s response below.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot