Liberal 2018 Senate Candidate Gets Shot At; Bullet Hits Car (DETAILS)


Politics has become a dangerous sport. A woman whose story could undermine the Grand Old Party’s race to install Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court has been getting death threats so serious that she had to abandon her home. Then, there is the woman running for the Colorado Senate, who could have died as a result of someone’s anger.

Rebecca Cranston is running as a Democrat for the Colorado Senate. One night, she pulled into the driveway of her home near Fort Collins.

She was talking on the phone, when she heard something hard hit her truck. At first, she thought that the crack she heard was a rock  ricocheting off of her vehicle, but it was not. Someone had targeted her with a long gun.

Cranston said that she did not expect someone to shoot at her, according to The Coloradoan:

‘It didn’t occur to me that it would be a gunshot at first, until we saw the bullet hole.’

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The shooter hit the driver’s side of the truck’s tailgate, traveled through the camping gear she was carrying in the back, and punched into the passenger-side wheel well. She reported the shooting to the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office.

At this point, the sheriff’s office spokesman, David Moore, indicated that the department was still in the initial stages of its investigation into the shooting. Deputies located the bullet and removed it for testing, which would show what type of weapon the shooter used.

Cranston thought she might have been targeted, because she was running for the Colorado Senate. However, she did not accuse Republican Rob Woodward of being involved.

She did note that the Woodward campaign has been employing harassment tactics including staking out her house, chasing her in her vehicle, and nearly running her off of the road. Cranston also said her opponent’s campaign had also stolen her mail, including donation checks.

Cranston called Woodward’s campaign an “anything goes” strategy. She was worried that someone might have taken the violence to the next stage. The Democratic candidate said:

‘I don’t really feel safe here, frankly.’

The Woodward campaign offered sympathy to Cranston for her experience, but it denied allegations that anyone from its team staked out her house.  Woodward campaign manager J.D. Key said it was “awful:”

‘That’s awful that somebody shot at her car. That’s terrible. I definitely don’t wish that on anybody. That’s scary.  This idea that we’re running some kind of rough campaign is completely not true. We’re doing the same thing most campaigns are doing: Spending time knocking on doors, having meet and greets and talking to people about the issues.’

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The candidate is running for a district that nearly covers Larimer County, which is outside of the north central city of Fort Collins.

The sheriff’s spokesman indicated that there are not any suspects at this time. However, he was aware that the public may be concerned, especially after a cluster of unsolved Northern Colorado shootings that shattered car windows on the interstate. Those crimes were still unsolved.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.