Kellyanne Conway Freaks Out When Confronted On CNN For Second Time In 24 Hours


Trump campaign manager turned adviser Kellyanne Conway has never been great at earning respect for her boss’s administration via media appearances. More often than not, she attracts ridicule over her behavior while speaking to reporters, and Friday, it was no different. She appeared on CNN to discuss the sexual assault allegations against President Donald Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and the public figure lashed out when a reporter challenged her over something she’d literally just said.

The conversation began with Conway and CNN’s Alisyn Camerota discussing some of the conditions Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Blasey Ford had laid down for possible future testimony before Congress. Conway decried Ford’s requests as “unusual” and “demands” leaving the Senate Judiciary Committee hanging as opposed to the simple measures meant to ensure a safe and smooth procedure for everyone involved that they are. She camped out awhile on the idea that Ford has supposedly gone out of line in her requests for accommodations, as if that’s the real issue here.

She wasn’t done, though. She went on to suggest that maybe fault doesn’t rest with Ford at all, but instead sits on the shoulders of the Democrats. She’s not the first to put forward that this is all a political ploy, and she certainly won’t be the last, but no argument along those lines will erase the very real issue of sexual harassment and assault that Ford’s story lays bare.

Still, Conway told Camerota:

‘I hope this woman is not being used by the Democrats, because that of course is who breached her confidentiality from the beginning. She asked to remain anonymous, and they blew her cover.’

Watch below.

To be very clear here — since Conway isn’t — Democrats did not reveal Ford’s identity to the public. She herself came forward after details of her story made it out into the press, months after they’d first come to the attention of Democratic officials.

Republicans have lambasted the left for holding onto information about her allegations for so long, although at least U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has asserted she did so out of respect for Ford’s original request for anonymity.

So which is it, Republicans? Should Democrats have come forward sooner or should they have not “blown her cover”?

Conway wasn’t finished jumping from one side to the other of an issue, though.

Camerota asked Conway why she’d assert she’s “some sort of stooge for the Democrats,” since she herself sought to bring her allegations into the public sphere.

Conway responded:

‘No, I didn’t say she is a stooge for the Democrats! Don’t ever attribute that to me.’

Is that really the most important issue here? The exact language Conway did or didn’t use?

Conway went on during her time with Camerota to rant that the entire process has supposedly been unfair to Ford — and Kavanaugh.

At present, the nation is continuing to wait for a possible Senate Judiciary Committee hearing handling the whole ordeal. Senate Republicans set a hearing date for Monday without actually confirming Ford would testify, so questions remain to be answered.

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