Tomi Lahren Tells Michelle Obama To ‘Sit Down’ Like A 26 Year Old Punk & Gets Blasted


Donald Trump’s cable news pet, Fox News, has a host, Tomi Lahren, who decided this would be a good time to come down on former first lady, Michelle Obama. Voters have been urging Obama to come out on the campaign trail, and she recently began with her own campaign to encourage voters to make it to the polls. Apparently, Lahren lives in the same alternative reality as POTUS.

She tweeted her fawning support of 45 while demeaning his predecessor, President Barack Obama to Michelle Obama:

‘Michelle Obama said we “had” a great president. By what measure? Not in economic growth. Not in border enforcement. Not in strength on the world stage. Sit down, Michelle.’

President Obama saved the country and perhaps the world from another Great Depression. Yes, the economy has continued to improve along the trajectory that 44 set, beginning in 2008.

It has always been difficult to measure what “The Donald” has accomplished, given his record of 7.5 lies per day and his over-the-top exaggerations. If he considered caging infants and children after ripping them from the arms of their legal immigrant mothers “great,” well, then he might be great, in that very narrow description. Most authorities consider his border history one of the blackest marks on the country — ever.

Then, there was Lahren’s insistence upon Trump’s great “strength on the world stage.” POTUS withdrew from the Paris Environmental Accord and the Iran Nuclear Treaty. He insulted and alienated the country’s longest allies, and then he cozied up to the worst dictators in the world: Russia’s Vladimir Putin, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, China’s Xi Jinping, and the Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte, among others.

After the Fox host’s tweet, the Twitter world went crazy. Check out some of our favorite tweets below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.