George Papadopoulos Loses It On Twitter, Makes Up ‘Massive Plot’ Against Trump


Apparently being open to conspiracy theories is a requirement for working for Donald Trump — or something. His former campaign aide George Papadopoulos is regularly losing it on Twitter these days, posting statements like he’s trying to get back on his old boss’ good side. Now, he claims that there’s a “massive plot” underway to topple Trump, and he’s been caught up in the middle of it.

The latest round began with him claiming that he’d been set up, basically. He pleaded guilty to lying to authorities and was sentenced to fourteen days in prison after he hid the facts about his interactions with Russian interests claiming dirt on Hillary Clinton.

That’s bad enough, but way back when he first heard about the dirt, he gushed about it to Alexander Downer, Australia’s now former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom. That conversation helped spark U.S. authorities inquiry into possible Trump team collaboration with Russia in their election meddling efforts.

Papadopoulos says that the real conspiracy is against him, and by extension, other current and former associates of the current president of the United States.

He’s claimed, for instance, speaking “to Australia,” that Downer “sold you out for the sole purpose to try and sabotage Donald Trump to keep his links to the Clintons alive and well.”

In reality, Downer didn’t do a lot of anything, really. He just had a conversation and, as part of his duties, relayed information about that conversation back to Australia, his home. As scrutiny of Russian efforts to tilt the 2016 U.S. election in Trump’s favor grew, information about that conversation got passed onto the United States as a warning– and now here we are.

Papadopoulos’ contention is somewhat like the president claiming that the real culprits in the Russia scandal are members of the media — which he’s done, mind you.

The pair of claims remain, false, though. Reporting on something doesn’t make one party to it. That’s like a grade schooler getting mad at a “tattle tale.” Is that really the level we’re at here?

Yes. Papadopoulos freaked out about a supposed “massive plot” after former CIA Director Michael Hayden reacted strongly to his claims Downer sold Australia out — whatever that means.

Hayden exclaimed:

‘My god. A friend tries to warn us and now this. And, I might add, a different tone than the one presentencing.’

Papadopoulos wrote back:

‘When Obama’s former CIA director attacks you on twitter over the truth, you know you uncovered a massive plot.’

That’s not quite how it works actually — although Trump would be proud.

Besides, Hayden isn’t even “Obama’s former CIA director.” President George W. Bush appointed him, and he just happened to serve under the most recently serving former president until he picked his own.

Papadopoulos is the one spouting lies, just like the guy to whom he was so committed that he ended up sentenced to prison.

In a separate post, for instance, he claimed that a woman who had introduced him to Downer is secretly an Australian intelligence officer.

That’s just not true, though. No amount of conspiracy theories will erase the fact that Trump and his associates screwed up big time.

Check out Twitter’s response below.

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