Trump Accidentally Uses Racial Slur During Belligerent Speech


Donald Trump has a habit of mimicking people. He has gone all the way from a reporter with a disability to his generals to Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) during the Supreme Court nominee’s Justice Committee hearing. Then, during his latest rally in West Virginia to help Senate candidate, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey (R), the commander-in-chief went back to one of his favorite people to attack.

Once again, the president of these United State mimicked Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) with his tired imitation. He called the Senator “Pocahontas,” because she claims her Oklahoma Indian American heritage.

‘Pocahontas is now considered a conservative in the Democrat party…Pocahontas, Elizabeth Warren she’s considered like a conservative person.”

Check out this video of POTUS in action:

‘Within 60 seconds, Trump calls the media “the enemy of the people” and uses a racist slur against Elizabeth Warren, calling her “Pocahontas”.’

Then the president went after the whole Democratic Party:

”They’ve gone crazy. They’ve gone loco.

Warren’s reference to her heritage has been disputed. However, her family history included this proud claim. Keep in mind word-of-mouth has been the traditional Native Americans’ method of telling their history.

According to the History Channel, Pocahontas was:

‘A Native American woman born around 1595. She was the daughter of the powerful Chief Powhatan, the ruler of the Powhatan tribal nation, which at its strongest included around 30 Algonquian communities located in the Tidewater region of Virginia. As far as historians know, nothing in Pocahontas’ childhood indicated she would become known as a folk icon. But when the first European settlers arrived on Powhatan land to begin the colony of Jamestown, Pocahontas became embroiled in a series of events with Captain John Smith and John Rolfe that permanently linked her to America’s colonial heritage.’

The National Congress of American Indians has criticized Trump for using her name as a racial slur:

‘We honor the contributions of Pocahontas, a hero to her people, the Pamunkey Indian Tribe in Virginia, who reached across uncertain boundaries and brought people together. Once again, we call upon the President to refrain from using her name in a way that denigrates her legacy.’

Twitter world was aflame. Check out some of our favorite below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.