IRONY: Pro-Life Kavanaugh Supporter Interrupts National Anthem To Protest


On Monday, a person who will never be pregnant and therefore never face a decision on whether or not to risk his body and possibly his life in the country with the highest maternal death rate in the developed world interrupted the national anthem to protest women being allowed to make that choice.

So far, no Republicans have responded to the story with all their manufactured outrage about disrespecting the troops, the flag, or the country.

Fans looked on in annoyance, with one fan even making her disgust at the display known by holding up a choice finger, as the same man who pulled the same stunt outside the Capitol Building during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing marched back and forth on stadium railings chanting and holding up anti-abortion signs. He’s very concerned about preserving life, apparently, unless that life has already exited a woman’s body and has been sexually assaulted. Somehow, all his concern dries up in that exact moment.

He’s fine with sexual assault, apparently, and fine with forcing a woman to give birth should she become pregnant after being sexually assaulted, and no one should believe her story of sexual assault, anyway.

It seems as if peacefully protesting the violation of constitutional rights is unAmerican and disgusting to Republicans, but protesting a woman’s constitutional right to reproductive choice is perfectly fine. It can be guaranteed that Trump will not call this man a “son of a b*tch” during his next rally or demand that he be fired and vilified.

Twitter caught the supreme hypocrisy of the moment. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via screenshot