Maxine Waters Responds To Mail Bomb Like An Unshakable Badass Boss


The saga of the apparent bombs sent to prominent Democrats across the United States is continuing to unfold this week. Among those targeted are former President Barack Obama, CNN — and prominent California Congresswoman Maxine Waters. She’s now delivered what amounts to a stern rebuke of the bomber and those who would even tacitly support him, asserting that she won’t back down.

She explained:

‘We have to keep to doing what we’re doing in order to make this country right; that’s what I intend to do, and as the young people say, “I ain’t scared.”‘

The devices were no doubt meant to silence her and the others targeted, all of whom are tied together thanks to President Donald Trump’s frequent targeting. He’s cast Waters as mentally off balance and the supposed true leader of the Democratic Party, all while opening the door to an acceptance of violence along the way — and then this happened.

None of those targeted by the packages have actually been hurt, but the threat looms over the nation heading into the midterm elections anyway.

Trump has directly pushed calls for violence on a number of occasions. All the way back during the 2016 election season, he suggested that “Second Amendment people” should take care of his then-direct opponent Hillary Clinton — who was among those targeted by the devices.

Much more recently, he praised Montana GOP Congressman Greg Gianforte for bodyslamming a reporter during his bid for election to his current position. That’s not an implication or a twist on his words — that’s what he said.

Yet, Trump blames the media for the array of devices dispatched across the country. In other words, he’s resorting to victim blaming.

Thursday, he asserted:

‘A very big part of the Anger we see today in our society is caused by the purposely false and inaccurate reporting of the Mainstream Media that I refer to as Fake News.’

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In other words, he’d like you to believe the guy who’s encouraged his followers to assault protesters has nothing to do with the current violence. That “explanation” isn’t exactly poised to stick.

Waters herself called the president out, asserting:

‘I think the president of United States should take responsibility for the kind of violence that we are seeing for the first time in different ways. I think the president of the United States has been dog-whistling to his constituency, making them believe that their problems are caused by those people over there. And I think they are acting in a way that they think the president wants them to do and the way he wants them to act.’

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