Trump Makes A Fool Of Himself Walking Up Air Force One Steps (VIDEO)


Donald Trump can’t do much more to prove how utterly incompetent he is, but he figured out a way on Saturday as he headed to Indianapolis to speak to the Future Farmers of America after a Jewish synagogue was attacked by a gunman who left 11 people dead.

Apparently, Trump either doesn’t know how to close his own umbrella or he considers everyone else just his lowly servants there to pick up behind him and take care of his menial tasks.

The trip was as ill-advised as Trump’s public display of incompetence. Despite the fact that a domestic terrorist has been targeting former presidents, intelligence officers, a secretary of state, Congress members, the media, and vocally anti-Trump celebrities, and despite the mass shooting at a Jewish synagogue on Saturday, Trump has not canceled a single rally or missed an opportunity to bask in applause from his rabid fanbase.

This isn’t the first time an umbrella has shown Trump’s personal failings. There have also been times that he walked in the rain holding his umbrella over his own weird hairdo while allowing his wife and young son to walk behind him, uncovered. Of course, he also walks with female staff members and government officials holding his umbrella but not offering shelter to them.

At one time, America had a president with grace and manners. Children could look up to him and follow his example, and that made Americans proud. For now, we’re stuck with Trump and his casual incompetence. That doesn’t, however, have to last.

Featured image screenshot via Twitter