7 Jewish Synagogues Set Ablaze As Trump Fueled Hatred Erupts Across America


Donald Trump has been campaigning on the backs of hatred and fear. During his rallies, he manages to incite violence by coming out with the names of people on his enemies list. As a result of this, a man tried to assassinate top Democrats and critics of the president with over a dozen pipe bombs. Another frightened man decided to shoot and kill 11 people as they worshiped in their synagogue. Now, these acts of terrorism just occurred:

Stephen Levin reported that someone set fires “at seven locations in South Williamsburg” Hasidic shuls or yeshivas:

‘Following in the wake of the Union Temple hate incident, antisemitism strikes again, this time in Williamsburg. Early this morning, the NYPD’s 90th Precinct received reports of fires at seven locations in South Williamsburg, all of them Hasidic shuls or yeshivas.’

Fortunately, police arrested the arsonist who set the fires “outside synagogues around Williamsburg:”

‘Thanks to the eagle eyed @WspuShomrim volunteers, last night @NYPD90Pct was able to arrest a dangerous man who lit fires outside Synagogues around Williamsburg.’

Councilman Deutsch tweeted, adding to the available information. He said that the individual “set fire to the garbage inside and outside of the buildings:”

‘I’ve just learned of several incidents of arson in Williamsburg this morning. From what I’ve been told, several Jewish synagogues and schools were targeted by an individual who set fire to the garbage inside and outside of the buildings.’

The individual who set the fires was observed wearing a “red hoodie:”

‘Lee x Rodney area @FDNY on scene with multiple garbage fires, all in front of a shul, Neitra, Chareidim, Sharmash, and 555 Bedford, as per witnesses it’s a male with a red hoodie who set it on. FD keeps on getting more locations.’

The Williamsburg News reported that the NYPD detective and the FDNY Marshal investigators have been “collecting evidence” and checking out the surveillance cameras. The arsonists who set the fires “broke into Krasna Cheider (sic) and set the fire inside”:

‘Update: @FDNY Marshal investigators along with @NYPDDetectives going around now collecting evidence and reviewing surveillance cameras, perp also broke into Krasna Cheider and set a fire inside the building, also set a fire by Binyan Ostreicher on Wythe Ave.’

On October 30, three teens allegedly:

‘Threatened to stab a Jewish man and “kill all Jews.”‘

NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said in a news conference:

‘(The department has seen) an increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes, particularly swastikas, on buildings in part of the city.’

“In last 28 days particularly, which is a little troublesome, we have seen an uptick in that category.’

The New York Daily News wrote:

‘The NYPD had logged 116 anti-Semitic “bias incidents” as of October 7 — including 12 assaults.’

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