Disturbing Info About Tallahassee Shooter’s Right-Wing Woman-Hating Revealed


Consistently, in cases of extreme violence across the United States, the perpetrators are not members of minority communities but instead are white males.¬†Scott Beierle is one such white male perpetrator of violence — at a yoga studio in Tallahassee, Florida, Friday, he murdered two women, injured a number of other people, and then killed himself. Further information has now emerged condemning a very specific subset of American political ideology.

As Buzzfeed shares, the attacker considered himself an “incel,” or someone who was involuntarily celibate. He left a years long trail across the internet of hate for women and minorities, posting YouTube videos in which he ranted about supposedly inferior women and immigrants, and more recently, sharing disturbing songs on Soundcloud about his misogyny that went so far they include a violent rape fantasy. He also included plenty of racism, condemning white women, for instance, who entered interracial relationships.

Throughout his rants, he peppered obvious hatred for those who would dare align themselves opposite him, bemoaning, for instance, the fact that the government under then-President Barack Obama would be paying for an array of health services under the Affordable Care Act including contraception.

He had run in with the law a number of times prior to the incident this past week, having been arrested, for instance, in 2012 and 2016 for grabbing at women without their consent. Authorities eventually dropped charges in both cases, but the connection to the behavior of President Donald Trump himself has not vaporized — he’s the one featured in the infamous 2016 election season Access Hollywood tape bragging about his supposed freedom to grab women without their consent because of his social standing, after all.

That sexism remains a deadly scourge, having in Tallahassee claimed the lives of Florida State University’s Dr. Nancy Van Vessem and FSU student Maura Binkley.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot