San Antonio Spurs Coach Reveals His Endorsement For State Senator


The midterm elections have been on everyone’s minds this year, and it’s not surprising as our so-called “president” has become so divisive that those of us with actual morals are desperate for the Democrats to take over the majority as soon as possible.

The entire country, it seems, has been keeping a really close eye on the race in Texas between Ted Cruz, the current sitting Senator, and his opponent, Beto O’Rourke — a Congressman out of El Paso. People all over the U.S. have embraced this charismatic man, with some that his clean, grassroots campaign reminds them of President Obama’s in 2008. I, for one, agree!

Beto has received endorsements from the likes of musical legend, Willie Nelson, as well as all major newspapers in Texas, including the usually more conservative, Dallas Morning News. And, just recently, even received one from a famous rocker from across the pond, Butch Vig, the drummer from Garbage who showed his support during a concert at the House of Blues in Dallas, TX.

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Drummer Butch Vig from Garbage sports Beto T-shirt at Dallas concert. Photo Credit, Hilary Dietz

Adding his name to the list is San Antonio Spurs head coach, Gregg Popovich, who wore a Beto ball cap today during practice.

Popovich told the press before his teams game tonight that he thinks Beto is a “special guy” and that he believes he embodies what “an American is supposed to be.” Popovich said:

‘You get so tired of all the lies and the divisiveness, and the fearmongering and the race-baiting. It just diminishes all of us. It makes all of us feel strange, and when I think of Beto, or I listen to what he says, I feel like what I thought an American is supposed to be. He’s classy. He’s intelligent. He’s civil.’

Popovich went on to say:

‘He’s been everywhere because he cares about all the people, and he doesn’t deal with PACs (political action committees) and corporations and all that sort of thing, he just does the work.

‘Leaders are courageous. Leaders conduct themselves based on their standards, their principles. They have the courage of their convictions. They don’t genuflect. They don’t kiss up for their own personal gain. [O’Rourke] is out for the people. He wants everything to be fair. He wants justice. He wants our democratic institutions to be respected, so that we are proud of being Americans. You can’t be proud of the culture wars that have been begun, and the whole world looks at us for leadership, and it’s not there.

‘That’s why people like Beto are so important, because he embodies that. He is there for us. He’s not there for his own personal gain and position. When people are so desperate as is his opponent, that scares me. To do what Mr. Cruz has done to try to get elected is very scary. That’s about self. That’s not about the rest of us. And Beto is the exact opposite of that, and that’s why I think he is great.’

Beto thanked the coach via his Twitter account.

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