High School Marching Band Spells Out Racial Slur During Football Game


Donald Trump has been on the campaign trail doing two rallies a day. However, there has been a problem with them. The president incites violence with his language about enemies of the people. He also calls out the names of specific Democratic politicians, donors, and supporters. Kids look to the president as the top government model, and when he is ugly to groups of people, they feel freer to do the same — and they did.

A number of a Gwinnett County high school marching band members, near Atlanta, Georgia, thought it would be fun to pull a prank during a football game. Normally, the band spelled out the name of their school mascot. Unfortunately, they decided to punk the parents, grandparents, younger children, teachers, and others seated on the bleachers.

They used the letters to spell out a racial slur.

The principal of Brookwood High School, Bo Ford, apologized after the incident. Ford wrote a letter to all of the parents explaining what happened. He said that some of the band members’ brass instruments wore a cover that spelled could spell out the name of the high school mascot. They are the Broncos.

Normally, the band members do not place the covers over their instruments to wear out on the playing field. It appears, several members of the band used the emblazoned letters, not to spell out “Broncos,” but to spell out “coon.”

Ford said that the slur was “hurtful, disrespectful and disappointing,” according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He also said that those students involved in the prank would be punished.

The principal added:

‘We are a very inclusive community and we care about all of our students. We are concerned that this situation occurred and are committed to taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. In addition to reviewing our halftime procedures, we will also be taking disciplinary actions with the students involved.’

The band got away with the prank, because the game paralleled the “Senior Night.” That meant the band director was occupied elsewhere and missed the beginning of the prank, the principal wrote.

Spokesperson for the Gwinnett County Schools, Sloan Roach, said that she would not be pursuing any disciplinary action against the staff.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.