Jim Acosta Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Woman Who Tried To Grab His Mic


The midterm elections are all but over with just a handful of races still being counted, but President Trump has declared a great victory for Republicans after they won two, possibly three, Senate seats but lost between 32-36 House seats and at least seven governors’ seats.

When CNN’s Jim Acosta stood up to Trump at his victory press conference and called him on the violent rhetoric he used against the group of migrants making their way through Mexico to the U.S. border, Trump’s frustration came to the forefront. A female White House aide even tried to take Acosta’s microphone from his hand.

Right-wingers on Twitter promptly lost their minds, accusing Acosta of assaulting the reporter and even grabbing her breast.

Trump’s supporters on Twitter are now, surprise!, calling for Acosta to be “locked up” for sexual assault and battery. From the clip, it appears as if the aide reached for his mic as Acosta’s hand was raised and he touched her bicep. Nothing looked to be out of the ordinary except, of course, a White House aide attempting to take a microphone from a press pool reporter.


Multiple news outlets have come to Acosta’s defense, as well as all of the reporters who are forced to sit through Trump’s and press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s verbal assaults in order to ask hard questions of the current presidential administration.

Acosta has been at odds with the president since CNN published the story of the Trump dossier regarding his campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia, which included a link to Buzzfeed’s story on the more salacious details involving prostitutes.

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