Arizona GOP Candidate Flips Out On Twitter After Losing In The Midterms


Republican voters may call liberals “snowflakes,” but they certainly dissolve into whining, crying, and playing the victim as soon as an election doesn’t go their way. One GOP candidate had to delete his Twitter account after a complete meltdown when Arizona’s elections were called and he lost to his Democratic challenger, Kathy Hoffman.

Frank Riggs was running against Hoffman in the race for superintendant of public instruction. The AZ Mirror reports that:

‘This morning, Frank Riggs took his Twitter account down, apparently in response to questions from the Phoenix New Times about his online behavior. About an hour later, it reappeared, but with all of the tweets in question removed and replaced with a Veterans Day message.

‘Riggs’ meltdown Sunday stemmed from the late afternoon reports on vote tallies for the day, which saw his Democratic opponent for superintendent of public instruction, Kathy Hoffman, declare victory after increasing her lead to  more than 46,000 votes.’

Riggs may have deleted the name-calling tweets, but he’s continued to whine ever since.

The Phoenix New Times described how the feud began:

‘Hours earlier, his Democratic rival Kathy Hoffman had declared victory, although no news outlets have called the contest yet. At the moment, the results from Tuesday’s election show her leading Riggs by 46,700 votes, although approximately 220,000 ballots remain to be counted.’

‘When Phoenix New Times reached out to Riggs for comment on Monday morning, he did not respond. He then proceeded to delete the tweets posted on Sunday night, and briefly deactivated his account.’

Although the tweets were deleted, the Phoenix New Times included portions of it in their story. Riggs attacked the reporter who dared comment on his loss.

‘Thanks for the tweet on #VeteransDay, you gutless punk. Let me know if you ever wear the uniform, run for office, or serve in any capacity. All I did was protect the likes of you.’

Leibowitz responded:

‘Gutless punk? Coward? You sure do love name-calling. And you wonder why you keep running and losing? I had no idea you’d served in the military. I admire that about you. All the rest? I’ll refrain from further jabs at your tender ego.’

When Riggs replied back, he tagged two attorneys he apparently doesn’t like..

‘Punk & coward. Couldn’t last one week in boot camp or police academy. Sorry Softie. @ThomasGalvin @barrettmarson Does this shoe fit you too?’

Galvin responded:

‘Dude. I don’t know you. Leave me out of this. Your behavior is reprehensible.’

Thank goodness this bully didn’t end up in charge of children’s education in Arizona.

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license