Trump Viciously Attacks President Of France In Mentally Ill Morning Harangue


Donald Trump apparently believes that he can act like a primadona on the 100th anniversary Armistice Day in France, showing up late or not at all for events. When France’s President Emmanuel Macron stepped up to fill in the leadership spot that POTUS willingly evacuated, Trump went on a Twitter rant.


Macron pointedly defined “nationalism” versus “patriotism” in one of his speeches. The man currently sitting in the Oval Office did not like to be held to task. A few die-hard Trump fans may believe the U.S. president’s redefined explanation of nationalism, but the rest of the world gets what Macron was saying. Patriotism is working together, and nationalism is working alone.

Yet, “The Donald” still tried to convince the world that France was the most “Nationalist” country in existence. Of course, he was wrong. Apparently, Trump believes that if he throws a few tweets into the world, people will believe him. Is his problem that no one has ever told the U.S. “leader” no? His actions suggest a child who has never been refused anything. No wonder the big orange Baby Trump balloons have been such a hit. Protesters fly one holding a cell phone wherever the president goes, it seems, including Paris.

Our commander-in-chief got upset after hinting at not  supporting Europe militarily, and Europe suggested creating their own defense. Then, Trump insinuated he would throw more tariffs France’s way. After that, 45 attacked Macron personally, throwing out fictional approval ratings.

Finally, our president blamed the Secret Service and the press, when in fact, Trump just did not want to get a little wet honoring the fallen Americans where they lay in their graves. Some kind of American leadership Trump’s tweets were.

Twitter world went wild after Trump’s morning tweet rant. Check out some of our favorite tweets below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.