Jim Acosta’s Twitter Feed Is A Giant F**k You To Trump & It’s Great


If the Trump administration hoped to make prominent CNN reporter Jim Acosta go away via revoking his access to the White House grounds, it’s not working. Although they revoked his press credential and accused him of an assault that clearly never happened according to available video, Acosta is staying on the beat and has traveled overseas to continue his coverage of the president.

He tweeted from Paris this Friday — posting a selfie at the Eiffel Tower, to be more specific — where the president would soon arrive for a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the conclusion of World War I.

He’s faced harsh criticism from the administration for his repeated tough questioning of President Donald Trump. Tensions escalated this past Wednesday when, at a post-midterm elections press conference, he sought to pressure the president on a range of issues, including his repeated denunciations of a migrant caravan as an “invasion.” Trump resorted to snapping back with childish insults, and an aide tried to procure Acosta’s microphone from his hands — which is where the Trump team got their inspiration for accusing the reporter of an assault that never happened.

In the time since, in classic Trump-ian fashion, the president himself undercut his team’s feeble attempt at an explanation covering their tracks. Speaking outside the White House before departing for Paris, he said that more journalists could have their credentials revoked if they’re “not respectful.” In other words, the president confirmed that Acosta had his access to the White House revoked because he wasn’t “respectful” enough.

Acosta has sought to defend his fellow journalists.

At that same Friday appearance before the press, Trump said of reporter April Ryan:

‘I mean, you talk about somebody that’s a loser. She doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing.’

Acosta shot back via social media:

‘My friend April Ryan is an incredible journalist and a wonderful person. If you got to know April as I know her, you would love her too.’

He also defended another reporter colleague, Abby Phillip, who the president dismissed in his familiar bullying fashion as having a “stupid question” after she asked about ramifications of Trump pushing out Attorney General Jeff Sessions this week.

The back and forth represents yet another chapter of the Trump administration’s ongoing struggle against the freedom of the press.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot