Local Nazi Group Harasses Jewish Synagogue In Pittsburgh (DETAILS)


In the weeks after the Charlottesville riots, where Trump called all the Nazi’s who marched there and caused the death of Heather Heyer “very fine people,” the Neo-Nazi groups involved broke up into several different factions, one of those being the National Socialist Legion (NSL).

Today, Unicorn Riot, a journalist group who tracks hate groups and hate crimes, discovered leaked Discord chats from the NSL showing how the group outed themselves for planning hate crimes, including ones on Pittsburgh’s Jewish community — specifically people who attended the Tree of Life synagogue — just months before an armed man opened fire on a synagogue full of worshipers killing 11 people.

Unicorn Riot reported:

‘NSL members later celebrated Robert Bowers and also shared details about their own violent intentions.’

The reported also noted:

‘One NSL propaganda flyer warns: “Traitors to the white race get death.”’

One user in the leaked NSL Discord chat logs said, “Got something cooked up for next time” and posted a picture of what appears to be a homemade bomb.

Another user in the chat’s log who called himself “Iron Eagle” and claimed to be active military police was noted making references to “being part of the ‘MP CORE’ and told another NSL member he had ‘just left FLW as an MP,’ presumably referring to Fort Leonard Wood, an Army training base in Missouri,” the Unicorn reported.

According to Unicorn Riot:

‘It is uncertain how many NSL members read the explosives/weapons portions of the library shared by Martin. However, in one exchange in July 2018, NSL members casually discussed bombing the Las Vegas office of the Anti-Defamation League.’

These photos of the chat exchange were included in their report as support of the above statement:

Other disturbing photos are included in the report as well:

Clayton Hodge and Katelynn Martin – NSL Members – Image via Unicorn Riot
NSL members Katelyn Martin and Clayton Hodge (front seats) and “jonolithicsoftware” (back left) and “D3VISTAT0r” (back right). Source: NSL Discord

To read more of this shocking report by Unicorn Riot, visit the link here.

Featured image via Unicorn Riot.