Obama Appears & Gives A Fiery Thanksgiving Week Rebuke Of Donald Trump


When Donald Trump was asked recently about whether seeing the destruction caused by the California wildfires had changed his mind on climate change, which he has previously referred to as a Chinese hoax, his answer made those who understand science truly worried for the future.

‘No. No, I have strong opinions. I want great climate, and we’re gonna have that.’

His statement not only made no sense, but it also made the country miss President Obama, who does understand science and the importance of addressing climate change. During an appearance at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago, he said in an interview:

‘The reason we don’t” invest in climate change policies is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism — mommy issues. I mean I, you know, we, we are we are fraught with stuff and, and, and so if that’s the case then the single most important thing that we have to invest in is not all, and, and —  look I’m a huge supporter of science and technological research and social science and, you know, evidence-based learning and all that good stuff; people call me Spock for a reason. I believe in reason and logic and all these Enlightenment values but the thing that really we have to invest in is people we got to get people to figure out how they work together in a you know how do we get people to work together in a cooperative thoughtful constructive way.’

Climate change and the effect humans are having to advance it in ways that critically harm the environment and eventually the human race has become politically divisive despite the fact that 97 percent of scientists who study climate change have confirmed it. It matters very much that Trump will deny science to please his Republican base, who have been duped into believing it to be a liberal conspiracy by GOP politicians who need donation money from their big oil corporate sponsors.

Obama also offered a message of hope.

‘I was having a conversation with a friend, who was depressed about the current course of our country — it’s a conversation that happens a lot. I had to remind him that this is what happens. Societies are these incredibly complex, organic things that sometimes moves forward and sometimes takes a step back.’

The Republican rhetoric, supported by Trump, is not only harmful to unity and understanding among the American people, but it’s also sure to become a detriment to humans as a whole.

See the full interview below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube