Trump Thanksgiving Call To Troops Flies Off Rails & Becomes Instant GOP PR Disaster


The president of the United States sat in a gold-plated room on Thanksgiving, ready to stuff himself with dinner and chat with his wealthy friends, but he made a conference call to the military who can’t be home with their families in lieu of actually visiting them.

As if anyone currently fighting in the war in Iraq or Afghanistan actually cares, Trump used the phone call as an opportunity to once again attack John Roberts and the ninth circuit court over their refusal to amend the Constitution for him and allow him to end the right for migrants to apply for asylum if they come in between approved entry points. He had just finished a cheerful Thanksgiving message to the American people, warning of death and chaos should these poor brown migrants be allowed into the country.

The man who got four draft deferments during the Vietnam War, bragged that avoiding veneral diseases was his “personal Vietnam,” attacked a war hero and former POW John McCain because Trump only likes “people who weren’t captured,” then attempted to tell the soldier over the phone that the methods they’re using for defense may not be the best one. After all, he said, “you have to be Einstein” to understand the one they’re using. The soldier told him that they’re doing just fine with the one they have.

He also let Trump know that some of our allies that he’s routinely attacked, such as Canada and Australia, are with the troops helping to defend our country. Trump simply nodded and moved on.

Trump also told the soldier that “the war is here” because a group of poor, unarmed migrants are on their way to the border while the troops overseas face bombs and real, actual war.

How he didn’t just hang up on Trump is proof that he is better than the president.

Featured image via video

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