Ocasio-Cortez Goes Hard On Fox News After Segment On Her Shoes


On Friday, as news of Trump’s attempted abuse of power when demanding that the U.S. Justice Department investigate his political enemies, Hillary Clinton and James Comey, as well as news about Trump’s recent attacks on the federal judicial system, Fox News had a four-person panel to discuss the real issues, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s shoes.

A Twitter user alerted the new congresswoman, the youngest ever elected to the House, of the report. She answered back with a biting retort in Spanish.

The lyrics, by Dominican ban Adventura from their song “Obsesión,” is translated into English to “no, what you’re feeling is not love, what you feel is called obsession.”

When another Twitter user joked that Fox News would need to hire a translator in order to understand the burn she had just delivered, she replied:

The “news” outlet has covered exhaustively Ocasio-Cortez’s clothes and shoes since she said publicly that she would have to wait for her salary from Congress to kick in before moving to Washington, D.C. since she does not have the funds to do so herself. Hosts have also made jokes about the new representative’s current housing situation, to which she responded that it is “bizarre” to see such well-paid people laugh over the current “housing crisis” in America.

The truth is that the right-wing is terrified by such a young, popular new Democrat and the attention she has received as one of the new voices in Congress. Every move she makes is deconstructed and misconstrued in an attempt to discredit her.

Twitter users responded with support. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube