Trump Jr. Calls Trump An Angel On Instagram In Sad Attempt For Pardon


The Trump family has been referred to as a mob family. It does have a lot in common with one: family first, don’t let insults pass, everyone else is an enemy, and the list goes on. Yet, there is such a thing as going too far. Don Jr. should have stopped while he was ahead, but he has the family trait of going too far.

The president’s eldest son and sometime surrogate sent out an Instagram that read:

‘Couldn’t Decide Between An Angel Or A Star So I Picked Both.’

Don Jr. has told various people that he feared that he would be indicted by the Robert Mueller investigation into the Russian attack on the 2016 election and conspiracy between the president’s 2016 campaign and Russia. It appears that Trump junior lied to Congress, which Trump’s fixer and former personal attorney Michael Cohen well knows, means trouble. The fixer just pled guilty to that crime before a New York federal court.

The man who has been trying to earn his father’s love his entire life, Don Jr. held an infamous meeting with the Russians at Trump Tower in Manhattan. The president penned his excuse: they were talking about Russian adoptions.

POTUS has been using his family to help run his business for years. According to The Washington Post:

‘(Oligarch Aras) Agalarov hosted a dinner for Trump at the Moscow branch of Nobu, which he owned. The co-host was Herman Gref, the chief executive of Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank, and a close adviser of President Vladimir Putin. An ebullient Trump saluted Agalarov in a Nov. 11 tweet: “I had a great weekend with you and your family. You have done a FANTASTIC job. TRUMP TOWER-MOSCOW is next.”‘

Then, there was the time that Ivanka Trump asked and was permitted to sit in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s chair during a tour of the Kremlin in 2006. Newsweek wrote:

‘Felix Sater, from whom President Donald Trump has tried to distance himself…he had set up a visit for Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. that also included a tour of Russia’s equivalent of the White House and Pentagon.’

Instagram went wild. Check out some of our favorite comments below:

And then, there are exceptions:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.