NY Times Drops Exclusive With Illegal Immigrant Working At Trump Resort


Why does Donald Trump dislike immigrants and refugees so much? After all, his mother immigrated from Scotland, and his grandfather Trump immigrated from Germany. The president’s first and third wives were both from eastern European countries. First Lady Melania Trump’s parents both took advantage of what he calls “chain migration.” They became American citizens because their daughter became an American. Maybe, POTUS’ attacks on refugees are just a part he plays in his White House reality show?

After all, there is a woman who worked a Trump’s New Jersey golf course complex for five years and counting. Victorina Morales has worked there as a maid ever since 2013, and she is an undocumented immigrant.

She moved from Guatemala in 1999 and came into the U.S. illegally through California’s border. It took her nearly six weeks traveling by bus and walking. Then, she began going from her home in Bound Brook, New Jersey to Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster.

During the five years plus that she worked at Trump’s club, according to The New York Times:

‘(Morales) made Donald J. Trump’s bed, cleaned his toilet and dusted his crystal golf trophies. When he visited as president, she was directed to wear a pin in the shape of the American flag adorned with a Secret Service logo.’

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There are between 40 and 80 employees, some of them seasonal on this 504-acre property. Most of the core group are foreign-born. They are responsible for the meticulous grooming on the greens plus cleaning and maintaining the suites and cottages.

Since Trump was sworn in, he has been at Bedminister about 70 days. He has a home on the property and so do Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner.

The membership fee is over $100,000. Morales makes $13 an hour. The contact that brought her over the border gave her a fake Social Security number and an identification card.

After that, she flew to New Jersey to join her husband, who had gone over the border several months earlier. A friend of Morales told her there were jobs at Trump golf club. Management wanted housekeepers. She left her $8.25 housekeeping job at a hotel and began at $10 an hour.

When she was hired, the supervisor told her to report the next day with her papers. Morales told the woman that she didn’t have any “legal working document:”

‘I told her I don’t have good papers. She told me to bring what I used at the hotel.’

A friend of Morales, worked cleaning the president’s home. When he visited the club, management told her to wear an “American flag pin with a Secret Service logo.”

Morales’ job included washing and ironing the sitting president’s golf shirts, khaki trousers, all of his sheets and towels, and even his white boxers. Trump, the first lady, and their son all used a special detergent with a specially designated washing machine.

The housekeeper said that he inspects everything:

‘He is extremely meticulous about everything. If he arrives suddenly, everyone runs around like crazy.’

In 2012, Trump came up to her and told her to follow him. They went to the clubhouse, which is a 1930’s Georgian manor. There, the president did a dust check of the tables and framed pictures. He turned to her and said:

‘You did a really great job.’

Then, he gave her a $100 bill. Another time, POTUS threw a tantrum over some stubborn orange stains that would not come out of his white golf shirts. Morales said that the stains came from his makeup.

One day, the president pulled his cart to the pro shop where she was washing the big arched windows. Since she is not quite five feet tall, she could not get the top of the windows. Morales said he came up, said “Excuse me,” and took the cloth. He cleaned the top of the glass himself.

At that point, he asked her name and where she originally came from. She answered:

‘I said, ‘I am from Guatemala.’He said “Guatemalans are hard-working people.”‘

Trump handed her a $50 bill, and she said to herself:

‘I told myself, “God bless him.” I thought, he’s a good person.’

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A couple of months after the president was sworn in, a manager told her she could not work in Trump’s house. Then, the employees got a new handbook. It read that:

‘Those that are found to have falsified information will not be eligible for employment.’

The managers said she needed a new Social Security card and a new green card. Morales told the Times that she did not know how to get forgeries:

‘I don’t know where to get them.’

The manager sent her to a maintenance employee who said the forgeries would be $165. When she said that she did not have the money:

‘He said, “don’t worry. I will lend you the money.”‘

He took her to a home in Plainfield, New Jersey. She waited in the car while he went in. The next day, he handed her a new Social Security card and a new green card. A copy of them went on file.

After Trump’s many racist comments and actions, especially on the country’s southern border, the club employees became insulted. Then, too, the president’s racist language seemed to encourage it among white workers. Her boss threatened her by reminding her she was not legal. Sometimes, the supervisor called her and others “stupid illegal immigrants.”

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Morales said the president clearly knew she was an immigrant and thinks he knew she was not legal. Therefore, as soon as the Times printed this story, the housekeeper suspected she would have to quit and could be deported:

‘I ask myself, is it possible that this señor thinks we have papers? He knows we don’t speak English. Why wouldn’t he figure it out?’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.