NJ Attorney General Investigating Immigration Fraud At Trump Golf Club


It’s long been established that President Donald Trump doesn’t actually hold himself to the standards he pushes as his economic and immigration agenda — but the reports to that effect just keep piling up. The New York Daily News is now reporting that New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal is investigating claims of racist abuse and immigration fraud at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, which the president has routinely visited since his election.

According to lawyer Anibal Romero, state authorities got in touch with him seeking more information about claims from five of his clients including threats and pressure to work under falsified work permits while undocumented immigrants.

That is not just ironic, but disgusting considering the pressure the Trump administration has exacted on undocumented immigrants.

Trump came into office promising to deport every single such individual from the United States, and although that pipe dream quickly faded, the pressure did not. He has for years now continued to push for a border wall and dehumanizes immigrants at every turn, claiming some recently seeking asylum at the border were harboring criminals and disease and should be confronted with the military. Troops are still deployed to the border region after first getting dispatched shortly before the midterm elections.

Meanwhile, the scandal Romero’s involved in has continued to blow up. He claims to have been in contact with federal authorities about the issue too, but he declined to give specifics.

He insisted:

‘These are elements of federal crimes and it’s important that the state attorney general’s office or federal authorities investigate this case. It is unacceptable that employees of the Trump National Golf Club have to endure this type of abuse.’

The New York Daily News notes that allegations of incessant mistreatment at the Bedminster Trump golf club first emerged last month via comments from current Bedminster employee and undocumented immigrant Victorina Morales and former employee Sandra Diaz. Romero represents those two women and three more who have come to him with similar accounts in the aftermath of the publication of their story in The New York Times.

Trump properties have come under scrutiny for their hiring and employment practices in the past, although not recently to this magnitude. Still, heads turned when the incessantly anti-immigration president’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida sought federal permission to hire at least 78 foreign workers for this year’s winter season.

It’s not as though any such development has sparked a softening of the president’s tone and policy towards immigrants.

Besides the scrutiny into his company’s hiring and employment practices, he also continues to face legal troubles like the ongoing Russia investigation, and a recently revealed concurrent federal criminal investigation into spending on his inauguration. The inauguration committee could have served as a conduit for interests seeking to gain favor with the then-incoming president to make themselves known — among the many other similar secret communications, connections, and beyond.

He continues to lose ground through means including his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen deciding to cooperate with authorities.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot