Ex-Prosecutor Exposes That Almost NOBODY Is Showing Up For Trump Outside Court


It sounds like there’s really no interest — or close to no interest — in protesting in New York City for former President Donald Trump on the occasion of his criminal trial currently unfolding in the city on charges of falsifying business records, although Trump’s been clamoring for that kind of thing.

A dispatch from the scene came early Thursday from former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, now a legal analyst and frequent face on MSNBC.

“Weissmann Notes from 100 Centre St today: while awaiting entry to the Trump trial, a total of two “protestors” were present. Both with what appear to be severe mental issues (one had a large cross and a big bell). There are more such folks on a typical NYC subway than in the entire area roped off for such protestors outside the courthouse,” he said on X, formerly Twitter.

The situation, per reports, has been roughly similar throughout the Trump trial as it’s unfolded… though at one point, Trump seemed to be literally making up a tale of thousands of people trying to demonstrate on his behalf but facing some kind of insurmountable hurdle.

“Thousands of people were turned away from the Courthouse in Lower Manhattan by steel stanchions and police, literally blocks from the tiny side door from where I enter and leave. It is an armed camp to keep people away,” Trump posted online last week. It was entirely unclear what on earth he was talking about. Some on the scene were noting that the supposedly sweeping security precautions that Trump credited with keeping people away were actually pretty basic, generally speaking.

“This is one of those “Trump doesn’t want you to believe your own eyes” times. It’s easy to visit the area around the courthouse. The park is open and accessible. The police officers are friendly, maybe a tad bored. A woman was walking her dog when I arrived this morning,” journalist Brian Stelter said online.