Donald Trump Jr. Surfaces & Has Child Like Tantrum In Front Of Everyone (IMAGES)


You’d think that if the Trumps were so worried about the (not) fake news, they’d stop carrying on in such a belligerent and nonsensical fashion in the public eye. Yet, they keep on with their nonsense. This weekend, Donald Trump Jr. proclaimed to the world that there should be outrage over a heinous incident of evidence suppression at the FBI that in reality, never happened.

He had jumped on a bandwagon of criticism of the Justice Department after right wing media highlighted a temporary absence of large numbers of texts from scrutinized former FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

President Donald Trump and his cronies have claimed that anti-Trump sentiment the two shared lends towards the Russia investigation being invalid — but that’s just not true. It’s not as though Strzok could just start an investigation into the Trump campaign because he wanted to and carry on with it as a secret pet project free of oversight, as some have pointed out elsewhere. Conspiracy theories to the contrary don’t match up with reality.

Still, right wingers were outraged at missing texts from records of his and Page’s phone interactions and have suggested malicious intent. However, there is no evidence of that, as confirmed by the Office of the Inspector General overseeing the Justice Department themselves, an authority President Trump has often pointed to. In reality, there was simply a temporary technical error to blame for the missing texts.

Yet, sitting atop his high horse of moral superiority to anyone whose last name isn’t Trump, Trump Jr. proclaimed this weekend:

‘Imagine the outrage that would ensue if anyone actually believed that this destruction of evidence actually benefited President Trump! This is truly disgraceful, and every citizen should be very concerned that this is happening today in America.’

It might be interesting to imagine that, sure — but that’s all it is, imagination.

Every citizen should indeed be very concerned that a sleazy real estate family has been given the platform associated with the presidency of the United States to spew their nonsense. That nonsense has consequences.

Also this weekend, Trump Jr. called it a “joke” to suggest the shooter who attacked a Strasbourg, France market recently was anything other than a Muslim — taking after his father and detaching himself yet again from reality, this time from that of the mass shooting after mass shooting carried out by a white man.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot