Trump Jr Devastated After Mueller Gets Phone Records Tracking 2 Calls Directly To Him


Lying to Congress is a federal crime. When Donald Trump insists that Americans “don’t want criminals” in the country, he always forgets about the criminals in his own administration as well as in his own family.

Rep. Jackie Speier, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, told CNN’s Poppy Harlow on Wednesday that she fully believes that Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump, Jr., committed a federal crime twice when he testified in front of Congress.

‘Donald Trump Jr. will have to answer about the blocked call that was made by his phone to a party who I believe was probably the president after that meeting he had with a number of Russian operatives.’

Although Speier was prevented from telling Harlow exactly what lies were told, she said that many people who testified under oath in front of Congress

‘What’s interesting about the testimony we have received from so many of the persons in the Trump orbit, when I first listened to their interviews and they swore under oath, I presumed that they were at least going to be telling the truth. And then it became obvious to me that that is not necessarily a part of…’

Other Trump associates, most notably informal campaign advisor Roger Stone, have been forced to amend their testimonies after the fact after having been caught in numerous lies.

Junior has already told friends that he expects to be indicted as part of the Mueller probe, which means he clearly knows that he’s committed some kind of crime. After all, that infamous Trump Tower 2016 meeting with Russian government operatives will likely be a centerpiece in the Russian collusion case.

With Democrats set to take over the House in January, it’s likely that many such investigations will begin. Trump, Jr., Roger Stone, and several other close associates of the president’s who were involved in the 2016 Trump campaigns are likely to become subjects of those investigations when the House Democrats make good on all of their promises to expose the Trump campaign for its many, many lies.

Junior makes numerous references on his Twitter account about Democrats making false statements, many of which are simply comments taken out of context. He always managed to avoid the fact that he’s already been caught in one very big lie, one that his father helped him craft, that is related to a possible crime that amounts to defrauding the American people.

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