MAGA White Man Kicks Black Infant Before Unleashing Racist Rant In Store

It was like any other early Sunday morning. A mother, her daughter, and her one-year-old little boy went to the grocery store. All of a sudden, she heard her daughter screaming. When she turned to look, she saw something she will never forget, racism expressed by a 31-year-old man against her baby.

Police from the Wichita, Kansas Police Department responded to the grocery store on an early Sunday morning. They reported the shocking news that Riff Trace was resisting arrest after committing “battery that was bias and racially motivated:”

‘Through the investigation, it was learned Trace walked into the Dillons store and kicked a 1-year-old victim in the back, causing the child to fall on the floor.’

Officers indicated that Trace yelled racial slurs and obscenities as he kicked the baby.

Mother of the one-year-old toddler Lashantai Whitaker told reporters what happened. She said that after Trace kicked her baby, the child fell to the floor. She heard her daughter screaming:

‘We were barely in the store and (Trace) kicked him in his back. All I heard was a loud thud and my daughter screaming. What grown person, I mean, even if you do have that much hate for someone,… I mean, why would you attack a baby?’

Whitaker said that her little boy did not sustain serious injuries, but regarding the man “he could have done serious damage.” It seems that Trace came toward her son from behind him. She said it was lie “a sneak attack.”

After attacking her little boy, Trace tried to escape. Fortunately, another customer tackled him. Customers held him down and restrained him. When police came upon the scene, they said Trace “was being held on (the) ground by citizens.”

The mother was confused about why anyone would do such a thing, but she thought Trace should go to jail for attacking her baby. Police are continuing their investigation.

Featured image is a screenshot via WIBW Radio Twitter page.

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