Trump Tweets 3-Word New Year Statement Like He Has Nothing To Live For


The year may have changed, but President Donald Trump still wants us to believe that he and his presidency are getting along just fine although in reality, he consistently and continually breaks with standard. This Tuesday morning, he offered a wish for a happy new year to the world, posting a short and succinct Twitter message to that effect.

Ironically, it came under an hour after he launched into an all caps rant about the “HATERS AND FAKE NEWS MEDIA,” offering them a wish for a happy new year too, although with the added caveat that they might not get it thanks to their “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

The stark contrast between the two messages serves to highlight the continued chaos of the Trump administration going forward quite effectively. When he goes so quickly from ranting to the world about those who would dare oppose his administration to attempting to cast himself as a normal president who should be taken seriously — it’s laughable.

No half-hearted holiday message will erase the realities of his administration, just like any other half-hearted message of goodwill won’t erase other realities the Trump team often prefers to ignore.

Going into the new year, Trump faces hurdles like the incoming Democrat-majority U.S. House and the spike in oversight of his administration that will entail. Before the new Democrats ever take their seats in Congress, they’ve got a major fight lined up for them since at present the government remains partially shut down because Trump refuses to approve any funding if he doesn’t get what he wants for his border wall.

Check out Twitter’s response below…

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot