Sanders Suffers Mental Collapse On ‘Fox News’ Over Nancy Pelosi’s Home


The Republican party has a long, fear-mongering history around insisting that common sense gun law reform will mean that Democrats can come and take everyone’s guns. Now, they’re also warning that refusing to grant funding for a border wall means that Democrats will ban fences around individual homes.

While continuing to tout Trump’s standoff with Democrats over funding for a border wall to keep brown people at the southern border out of the country, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared on Fox News to warn of all the dangerous Latino people that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has empathy for even though they’re coming to rape, pillage, and murder us all.

Fox & Friends host Steve Doocey mentioned that Pelosi recently called the building of that border wall to keep people seeking a better life for themselves and their children “immoral,” and asked Sanders if she thought Pelosi would say the same about a fence around people’s homes, because false equivalencies are Fox News’ friend. Sanders seized the opportunity.

‘That is a great question. I wonder if she will go on a crusade and take down all the fences and walls across this country? I certainly hope not. I’m sure the people that have them around their homes, that institutions that have them, the Vatican or anywhere else will not be real happy with the fact Nancy Pelosi is calling their walls and their security immoral. It has never been immoral to protect people. In fact, it is the absolute first duty that the president and Congress have is to protect the American people.’

Fighting against wasteful spending was a hallmark of the Republican party until Donald Trump came along with his demands for a $25 billion border wall that is unnecessary and will be an ineffective measure in implementing border security. Apparently, racism trumps fiscal conservatism these days.

See the full segment below:

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