Infamous Drug Traffickers Deliver Harsh Blow To Trump’s Border Wall During Trial


Donald Trump believes that his great memorial wall should have been done “long ago.” Of course, if his predecessor President Barack Obama had built it, POTUS would be in the process of pulling it down right now. Trump has tried to obliterate everything that Obama has ever accomplished. Surely, the sitting president should grasp that a wall is little protection against those who would go over, under, or around it. It appears that telling the Donald “No” for the first time in his life has blown his brain.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has told the man currently sitting in the Oval Office that she will not give him money for his beloved wall. That means, he really wants the wall now. Just like the emotional child he is, Trump never gives up nagging the older woman in his life for his wall. Along that logic, as soon as he got it, he would have no more interest in it, but until then he keeps trying to make his case for the wall.

Trump tweeted that the U.S. “cannot be safe” without the great Trump wall:

‘…The Steel Barrier, or Wall, should have been built by previous administrations long ago. They never got it done – I will. Without it, our Country cannot be safe. Criminals, Gangs, Human Traffickers, Drugs & so much other big trouble can easily pour in. It can be stopped cold!’

Most of the drugs that come into this country are stashed on “fishing boats, trains, tractor-trailers, and ordinary cars that come into the country at legal ports of entry.” People who should know, the former cartel members, told this to the court in their testimony against famous cartel leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, according to CNN.

At legal ports of entry, U.S. border patrol agents seized almost 480,000 pounds of narcotics in the 2018 fiscal year. Since, the government was shut down by Trump, additional information was not available. Then, there was the drug tunnel under the southern border. It was the third one this month.

Twitter world lit up like crazy when the Donald posted his tweet. Check out some of our favorites below:


Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.