Trump Tweets Deceptive Video To Stir Up Hate Against Refugees Like Hitler


Despite his signature on a package to reopen the government this past Friday, President Donald Trump is still obsessing over his proposed border wall blocking off Mexico, which he originally closed down the government over when he didn’t get the over $5 billion in funding he wanted. This weekend, he tweeted out a video message in support of the wall produced by some faction of his team highlighting an alleged contrast between Israeli and American border security that necessitates molding the southern U.S. border to be more like the walled off Israeli one.

In one portion of the production, a Fox News guest asserts:

‘In 2017, there was not one illegal immigrant that made it through the southern border into Israel.’

What the video does not indicate is that to suggest that the supposed block on undocumented immigration kept Israel from crime and terror is ridiculous. Just in 2017, across that country (which is the same size as New Jersey) Israelis faced 54 completed terror attacks and a whopping 400 + that were stopped before they could actually be carried out. Over the few years leading up to and including 2017, 76 people were killed by terror attacks perpetrated by Palestinians and a full 1,187 were injured.

The Trump team would apparently rather you not know those facts, however, so that they can freely push their line that — as Trump put it in the caption to his team’s new video production:


He trotted that out just the other day as a new slogan for the next two years heading into the 2020 presidential elections as he inevitably continues to fight Congressional Democrats over his demands for funding for a border wall.

Not only could those who did wish harm on the United States just go around a wall — there aren’t even threats at the southern border like Trump and his associates claim. According to the State Department itself, there is no evidence of terror activity utilizing the southern United States border, and according to data found elsewhere, there’s no reason to suggest immigrants — undocumented or otherwise — commit crimes at a higher rate than native-born Americans.

One can reasonably suggest that more people died from food poisoning than undocumented immigrants last year!

Yet, the Trump team just keeps chugging along with their bigotry.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot