House Intel Committee Drops Game-Changing Report On Trump Admin


Donald Trump is the greatest threat against the United States. No, this is not about his tweets, although they are part of it. The report from the Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats tells a far darker reality.

The 17 government intelligence entities in the U.S. have taken quiet action against Trump’s interactions with the Russians, his impulsiveness regarding the military, and Trump in general. The Washington Post reporter Shane Harris tweeted:

‘New Nat’l Intelligence Strategy emphasizes (at top) strategic threats posed by adversaries who exploit “the weakening of the post-WWII international order and dominance of Western democratic ideals” and “increasingly isolationist tendencies in the West.’

Counterterrorism expert Daniel Benjamin tweeted that this was one of “few benefits of having a President who reads absolutely nothing:”

‘This is one of the few benefits of having a president who reads absolutely nothing. No way he would have signed off on the the intel strategy if he knew what was in it.’

Host of The Deep State Nation David Rothkopf tweeted about the “dangers posed by the president…and his sponsors overseas:”

‘Translation, because Shane is too polite to say it: The New National Intelligence Strategy highlights the dangers posed by the president of the United States and his sponsors overseas. Not kinda sorta. Unmistakably.’

Director Coats issued his stunning report explaining in great detail that all of his intelligence services people have focused on Trump’s Moscow friends, his real estate business, and him.

The report emphasizes that the continuing Russian attack against the U.S. was not a hoax or fake news. No, it is a serious threat against America. Moscow has been waging:

‘…(a) non-traditional, hybrid, and asymmetric military, economic, and political spheres. Russian efforts to increase its influence and authority are likely to continue and may conflict with U.S. goals and priorities in multiple regions.’

These agencies have traded in the old “radical Islamic terrorist” threat for “traditional adversaries.” The never-ending wars in the Mideast against terrorism have only marginally improved the U.S.’s security.

Russia is not an existential threat, but close. The report urges the reduction and elimination of “Russia’s nuclear arsenal” and our own.

Coates wrote that the intelligence community must:

  • ‘Increase integration and coordination of our intelligence activities to achieve best effect and value in executing our mission,
  • Bolster innovation to constantly improve our work,
  • Better leverage strong, unique, and valuable partnerships to support and enable national security outcomes, and
  • Increase transparency while protecting national security information to enhance accountability and public trust.’

The report also commented on the Chinese threat:

‘Chinese military modernization and continued pursuit of economic and territorial predominance in the Pacific region and beyond remain a concern, though opportunities exist to work with Beijing on issues of mutual concern, such as North Korean aggression and continued pursuit of nuclear and ballistic missile technology.’

Coates continued discussing his threats report writing:

‘Despite its 2015 commitment to a peaceful nuclear program, Iran’s pursuit of more advanced missile and military capabilities and continued support for terrorist groups, militants, and other U.S. opponents will continue to threaten U.S. interests. Multiple adversaries continue to pursue capabilities to inflict potentially catastrophic damage to U.S. interests through the acquisition and use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), which includes biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons.’

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