Word Of McCabe’s ‘Copious’ Note-Taking Hits WH Like A Bomb


Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s new book, The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump, is causing major waves in the political news cycle. McCabe claims that the Justice Department discussed plans to draw up a team of backers to help remove Trump from office using the 25th Amendment, which allows for a president to be removed if he is unfit for the office. Trump has proven many times that he is.

Greg Brower, who served as assistant FBI Director under McCabe, says that if his former boss says this happened, he’ll have notes to prove it. Brower appeared on Hallie Jackson’s MSNBC program to weigh in on the matter.

‘I knew him to be a very smart, very meticulous, very dedicated FBI agent. I fully expect that what he’s talking about with respect to his interactions with the president and with DOJ officials was likely documented in notes that he took contemporaneously and also likely did share the details with a small group of other FBI officials in real time.’

Screen-Shot-2019-02-14-at-12.55.30-PM Word Of McCabe's 'Copious' Note-Taking Hits WH Like A Bomb Donald Trump Featured Impeachment Politics Top Stories

Screen-Shot-2019-02-14-at-12.55.44-PM Word Of McCabe's 'Copious' Note-Taking Hits WH Like A Bomb Donald Trump Featured Impeachment Politics Top Stories

Trump, of course, answered the allegations by proving he’s mentally unfit during a Twitter rant against McCabe. However, Brower says that even if the Office of the Inspector General report does call into question the credibility of McCabe, his notes may prove him accurate on this claim. Additionally, Brower said that assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is a credible government official, and the two may have simply perceived the situation quite differently.

‘Having worked very closely with both Andy McCabe and Rod Rosenstein, I can tell you that they are both smart, credible people who seem to have differing accounts of the same events in this situation. But I will tell you that with respect to McCabe, I can’t tell you how many meetings I was in with him and his practice was to take copious notes about virtually everything that was being said in those meetings.’

Brower also hinted that McCabe may have even more bombshells to drop in the coming days, especially considering his ability to draw on notes he wrote during his time as FBI director to refresh his memory and show proof.

‘I have to imagine that whether it was in these meetings or immediately afterwards, he was also documenting what happened in his notebooks. And so there’s certainly more to come here.’

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