Sanders Responds To Trump’s AM ‘Crazy Bernie’ Rant Like A Future President


When Donald Trump smacked Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in his morning tweet, it was like a dog knocking over a kitten. What POTUS did not realize was that Sanders is no kitten — he is a hellcat.

Trump called the senator from Vermont “Crazy Bernie:”

‘Crazy Bernie has just entered the race. I wish him well!’

It did not take long for Sanders to raise up and attack back in his own brand of direct punishment. He said “What’s crazy” is “a racist, a sexist, a xenophobe, and a fraud” sitting in the White House:

‘What’s crazy is that we have a president who is a racist, a sexist, a xenophobe and a fraud. We are going to bring people together and not only defeat Trump but transform the economic and political life of this country. Say you’re in:

Then, Sanders linked people to his campaign site. The newest candidate in the 2020 presidential election raised $4 million on his first half-day of campaigning. His site asked people:

‘Are you ready to fight for Medicare for all, college for all, jobs for all, and justice for all?’

Sanders, while an independent describes himself as a democratic socialist. He considers his 2020 White House run as just a “continuation of what we did in 2016.” The Associate Press reported that he said:

‘These ideas and many more are now part of the political mainstream.”

Bernie Sanders’ asked one more question on his front page. He asked if people were willing to work hard and “transform our country:”

‘Are you willing to do the hard work necessary to win his election and to transform our country?’

Twitter world lit up. Check out some of our favorite responses below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.