Trump Announces Capture Of ‘Illegals’ At The Border & Gets Creamed


Donald Trump’s supporters will believe anything he says, no matter how bad the lie is or how many fact checks prove him wrong. On Saturday, he relied on that gullibility once again to insist that his racist vanity wall really is being built (it isn’t) and that record numbers of apprehensions are happening at the border (they’re not).

As if it wasn’t insulting enough to the American people for Trump to offer definitions of words he deems too big for his base to understand, he also offers nothing but lies. Of course, his base believes it and facts mean nothing anymore, but the facts are there.

Image via Pew Research Center

There’s no crisis at the border, there is no wall being built (and if there were, Trump wouldn’t have to post old photos and videos of fence construction that he tries to pass off as recent), and immigration is down significantly from previous years. In fact, President Obama curtailed illegal immigration more significantly than any president in modern history, making Trump’s claims that Democrats want open borders all the more absurd.

There’s no use telling Trump’s supporters this, though. They’ll never believe it. Trump has access to all of this information, and more than likely knows that fact-checks prove him wrong. What he’s counting on, though, is that his supporters don’t know and won’t believe anyone who tells them anyway.

Twitter certainly wasn’t buying it. Read some of their comments below:


Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license